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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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bring me a higher love i could rise above >> good day everyone. it is a day. ben is here 2350e8ing -- feeling better. tummy problems. 6:00 with some occasional rain throughout the day, and the weekend -- well mike will tell us all about it p. not so great this weekend unfortunately. a man tried to sell a young boy in central park. now the hunt is on for alleged suspect . j suspicious white cargo once again mailed to donald trump's home in campaign office in trump tower. police say it's not a threat, though.
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people are living on the streets. new survey results show a decrease from around this time last year. but do we believe the numbers. some people say no. some people who aren't in a position to know say that is not correct. >> city as in mayor's office. good morning everyone i'm juliet huddy. >> i'm ben ben friday morning april 29th, 6:00 thank you very much for being with us. >> it is nice to have you back even though when i come back -- >> i always welcome you back with open arms. i do absolutely. >> no -- not true. >> is it true? >> you always -- >> likes to take a shot at you. >> that is fun. we have to make it interesting around here. you reacted outrage and mike will cackle a little bit. >> stir the pot a little bit. >> you do. nice jacket.
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some of them -- >> some are crazy i think sometimes but this is your friday plaid. >> toward the weekend happier. kicking it up a notch. have some fun. i don't care -- crumb maine weather outside or not going to make it fun one way or the other. temps weekend shy. normally top out 66 for a high in the city. but 59 only. you enow come oing in shy but 58 was your high at newark. 56 bridgeport today is similar but cooler. it is now 49 central park. 47 degrees in poughkeepsie as well as sussex and i.c.e. islip with showers in the early morning hours but now they're fading out on us a little bit. are we done? well we might see them continue to fade for a little while but not in the clear altogether. we have that front down so south of us. that is not so much of a problem
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will drift by and pick up myrrh shower action later on this evening. right now we're fine but into the future cast it says to 9:00 a round of light to moderate showers coming on through but in in and outst if an out of of the picture by the time we get to midnight or so. this is bigger issue for the weekend here. it's next round of rain fairly early. time stamp says 3:00 and light to moderate rainfall around for thewday. but today scattered lighter showers. high temp up to 56. motion of that rain will come through in the evening. high of 61 but sunday is pretty wet out there. but light rain but still miserable out there. high of 55. leetle bring in christina stoffo with a few slowing downs on roadways, and they happened ale too. >> that's right we have mike a
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roadway so let's get to it and dealing with this stalled vehicle on verrazano bridge. block one lane so delays traveling into that area. now, if you're traveling on the parkway we have a southbound incident by 136 causing minor delays into the area and a bigger issue on route 22 westbound at teller road. an overturned car. down pole and roadway and roadway is closed down so you want to stay away from this closed right now so until further notice just a spot that you're going to want to avoid until they get that cleanedded up. westbound on l.i.e. exit 37 near anything. it is not totally jammed but tapping brakes as you pass that spot. now we're going outside to l.i.e. because i'll show you that traffic move eking away from me, that is not looking terrible. so you're okay as you're making
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holland tunnel good from turnpike extension and traffic seems to be looking great inbound at the holland. lincoln, gwb all running along with minor delays and alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today but you have to feed meters. back to you. >> thanks so much. a man tried to sell a young boy. sell a young boyar if a sexual encounter walking in central park. >> that's true, and disturbing let's go to fox 5 teresa priolo joins us live from upper west side with what we know. good morning. >> ever been to beau bridge here in the park? >> i have. yes. >> it is a beautiful location but it is quite secluded from everything les. woodsy and according to police this is where this alleged encounter went down not far from where we are off central park west happened before midnight according to police. a witness called police said that he was approached by somebody right around beau bridge.
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offered sex with an 11-year-old boy this exchange for $300. this witness says that this boy was around 11 years old. er wearing a light spring jacket, and he declined the invitation, the solicitation, and this witness says he immediately called 9-1-1. this is a dlaichtion given to police, this is the description we're given to -- getting to you in the hopes that maybe this guy might look familiar and you can help track him down. adult exploiting the child was a white male 35 years old. dark hair and clean shaven. last seen wearing black jacket with a fur collar or fur hood as well as blue jeans. that boy 11-year-old wearing a spring jacket in the a red or o orange color. this witness from out of town, from california, as of last check and talking with the nypd, that witness was spoken to by investigators here in central park in prestingt station in the park and hopefully gain nor
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at this point, according to police, all signs report to this being, in fact, encounter and not a hoax but if you have information call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips that's the latest from central park this morning. ben and juliet back to both of you. >> teresa priolo for us in central park west. t. thanks very much. a tough night for drurp. both and campaign office here in the city and out in california. trchg first of all they found a white powdery substance at trump tower sent to trump tower and then violence at a protest where he held a rally. robert moses live outside trump tower and he tells us what happened. good morning. >> ben and juliet, good morning to you. yeah, an envelope holding a letter with that powdery substance arrived here in a fifth floor campaign office at trump tower this has really become a common and frightening scene. you'll recall that last month, a similar letter arrived at the home of eric trump on central park south. also donald trump's sister
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she received a similar letter. this yet another reminder of what a target this campaign has become. >> police were called to trump tower at about 7:40 last night. four people including a police officer were evaluating revealing to be harmless although police have not yet said what it was. as this drama unfold ltd donald trump was in california for a rally in costa mesa. >> hillary -- crooked hillary krookd she's crooked as you can be. >> protests erupted outside. trump supporters clashed with common it stray or toes. orange county sheriff's department reports that about 20 people were arrested. trump appears to have a strangle hold on the nomination. ted cruz will attempt to make a final stands in indiana on tuesday. former house speaker john boehner did not have kind words for cruz, during an appearance
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university. [inaudible] cruz seemed surprise or to hear what boehner said. : met him two or three tiles in my life. if i have said 50 words to him in my life i would be surprised and every one of them consistent of pleasant reis. >> john kay suck plans to stay in the race after consulting with his wife. j i said what do you think sweet tee? i'm inclined to keep going. she's not a politician, she said that people need a choice. and if you don't give them a choice who will? >> hillary clinton as nomination locked up while sanders nomination is a long shot he insist she's the best person to take on trump. >> we are defeating donald trump by much greater margins than
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>> speaking of hillary clinton, she is in the city today. she will speak at a fundraising breakfast for the eagle academy for young men later on this morning as for this incident at trump tower police have not yet made any arrest. that is the latest live from midtown this morning. ben and juliet back to you. >> all right robert moses robert thank you vp. number of homeless people living on city streets has allegedly dropped by double digits. rlgt according to a new survey released by mar mayor's office. that's true to what we see it found that nearly 2800 homeless people were living on the streets excuse me only the night of february 9th. that is 12% fewer than count taken in february of last year. and 36% fewer than first count taken back in 2005. but president of the coalition
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mary said doing survey on one cold winter night is not produce accurate numbers. >> thousands of random new yorkers put on a terrorist hit lits. posted personal information of 3,000 ordinary people onlionel saying, quote, we want them dead. the fbi and nypd do not believe they're in immediate danger but are reaching out as a pres cause. experts say this is likely a scare tactic as part of isis's propaganda. . three people linked to couple behind san born doe shootings are facing marriage fraud charming's. syed was the brother, sister-in-law, and wife of his long time friend arrested yesterday. prosecutors say one participated in a sham marriage to obtain immigration benefits, and other two lied underoath none are charged with the sexual shooting. more to come on this friday morning. mike is watching the for us. we have a few showers mainly to the north of the city but that's all we have out there.
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: we're back. argue with me ben. >> michael. what are we arguing over? in addition good? [inaudible] that's good. >> we can argue with you over this weekend. yes. >> this is a great weekend to relax. stay in. >> i've got a lot tv that i can catch up maybe some movies. tomorrow actually one of the day where is you want to get out lability. because you have a decent looking day. but it's sunday. and cold. this time of the year yeah take a look at average for today. 66 degree and average low 49 on the mark with the lo so far. but high temp with cloud cover in the area, and that east northeast wind is gung to keep your temperatures down, and that's what we have in store for us.
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again quite a bit cool or than what we typically see this time of the year in tristate. 58 your high at newark as well as islip. right now 49 central park, and it's windsmcoming in from east northeast 9 miles per hour. that's the cool direction coming in off awe ocean waters that's part of the reason we have a cooler temp right now and 51 newark. 57 in belmar as well as islip with a cloudy sky in the area. we've been keeping a look at radar and satellite so far patchy lighter showers over lower hudson have the like are rockland county over to orange. parts of northern westchester and then fairfield and litchfield o county seeing scattered showers. last hour or two some of that has backed down but main thing that you look for passing lighterrer showers in northern tier that's about it. other than that we've got a cloudy sky going to hang out for the day today. but this area of low pressure upper level low is actually
6:17 am
but not until later on this evening. u through the day you have a cloudy sky and sprinkles but this evening a round of light to moderate showers coming on by around 9:00 till midnight and roll by till saturday with a partly sunny sky and temps still on slightly cooler side in lower 60s tomorrow. but at least you get some sunshine. but then into sunday, we've got another disturbance coming on in to the area that will bring in a decent amount of light to moderate rainfall. but it just wants to hang on top of us through majority of the day and that's bad news it is in the gray cool side and damp out there too for your sunday. today it's cloudy, cool. high temp up to 56 degrees. a few showers out there especially this evening. and so by tonight it is mainly evening hours and then they shut down. lows between 46 and 47 tomorrow morning. partly sunny sky. 55 and light rain on sunday. still rain chance hads for you on monday and then drier tows, wednesday, thursday there's
6:18 am
there so these temps man struggling to get to normal. that's where we are midweek been but that's the the best we can do. let's bring in christina stoffo and chuck out about process on verrazano. overturned truck. what else? >> we have with a couple of things elsewhere too. mike. so we're going to get to it all right now an talk about verrazano bridge first. dealing with an a issue voafing stall on pupper level brooklyn bound in the process or in final stage of being cleared away, though, we're seeing a ton of traffic across bridge on pup earl level stick with lower level instead across the span. stay slow for you. now if you're going to be federalling on the garden state parkway, southbound side exit 136 we were dealing with an accident, also in the process of being cleared away so you want to be mindful of emergency activity on the scene, and do, you know, that we're looking at trouble on 202, 26 and 22 both running along with closure. if you want to stick with 202,
6:19 am
volume because of the closure again that's closed route 22. 22 west is closed. at the road so we have a lot goings on right now as far as closureses are concerned. so you want to keep that in mind. now let's go outside, and i'm going to bring you to the van wyck in area of college point boulevard actually looking decent in both directions an next picture will be of the brooklyn bridge. bqe and moving across span traffic isn't material. but look bottom of your screen here how slow that is. bqe goetz congested traveling towards area of the bridge. alternate side it's suspended today. but you have to put money in the meters. ben and juliet. back to you. j thank you very much. stoffo united airlines flight had to make an emergency landing outside of cleveland. had engine problems last nights. can you imagine? j i freak out on planes. at 5:30 p.m. five crew members
6:20 am
j welcome to cleveland. cay chaos when a man in a panda suit i think it was a penguin suit. >> koala. set his car on fire and walked into a home and made threats to the says. had had a red device strapped to him and appeared to be a bomb. lis say he was carrying thumb drive of his government experience that he wanted the station to put on the air. he went outside and that's when police snipers were standing by. >> when he walked out in street he threat this community, threat to officers and they were forced to use their real guns to shoot the suspect. >> so police say they robot designed to detect explosives up to the man. it determined if the voice was in chocolate bars wrapped in aluminum foil. suspect is now hospitalized
6:21 am
his father, says the man is mentally unstable. >> like a penguin you're right. very saturday. ening yeah. whole thing is sad. we have a lot more coming up. hopefully talk about happier thingses leak working longer and living longer. the retirement really could kill you. >> lovely.
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>> all right 6:23 in the "health watch" muferls outbreak affecting fairfield, connecticut according to state department of the health eight cases there confirmed there another nine likely cases. i think this is because people are vaccinating their children and mumps outbreak at harvard university in the last two month. 41 students contracted infection which can cause deafness and infertility until some people. school is now worried it could impact graduation ceremonies there next month. symptom fever, muscle pain and feeling tired and painful swelling of one or both glands. >> we do have a vaccine for that. we know how you feel about this. do you want to know the secret to living longer, ben, keep working baby. work.
6:25 am
new study found that working -- working past age of 65 add years to your life. i can understand this. healthy person punching clock one year lowered risk of death by 11%. >> you've got to keep your brain active. sort of have a -- i don't know, i guess -- it i don't know a reason for waking up every day. those people considered unhealthy staid on job accident tray year cut down mortality risk. your family is up with of the reasons to wake up every day. wash your hands from keeping getting success. success. my mother will be like kids dinner squirting it. i'm not a kid anymore. well -- i act like one.
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for our own good. >> baruch shemtov explains why the scrubs and sanitizing may be making us ill. erika, watch this. >> for years been taught to sanitize ourselves and our surroundings but research shows that cleansing our o environment of microbes could make us prone to disease how cline is too clean? >> would you consider yourself a germaphobe? >> l yes. >> no. >> why not? >> because germs are everywhere. >> my daughter is. >> are you afraid of germs? exposure to some bacteria could be a good thing with a new study published by journal cell, finding babies exposed to microbes would be more armed it against conditions including allergies, and even diabetes compared to their counterparts raised in more sterile conditions. dirt is good for kids. >> good for you. : i agree. >> why? >> because we need a little germ
6:27 am
jordan joseph a specialist at the hospital also agrees. >> stability is nice but too sterile is no good an body is not learning how to respond to allergies or o infection and or why body did you want know how to fight it. then put in the face of infection you can't fight it. josefson says it is about finding the right balance. >>during flu season wash your hands that's important. but don't take your kid out of school because you know other kids are sec. that is help their immunity. next to godliness just not as close as we may have thought. baruch shemtov "fox 5 news." >>ing there you go. everything in moderation. we'll be right back.
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for four shades visibly whiter teeth. the designer smile by new colgate optic white high impact white. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above >> well, well, well everybody. >> we're here. friday last half or hour. sm you show up. >> the that's how i roll.
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the middle of the week you come back for a day. >> at least i take the day off with 18 years with this company i do stripe. a cloudy friday and mike will tell us about the weekend not too incredible. : what do you think of chris christie? >> i think he wants to be vice president personally. >> diplomatic of you. that is no what i was looking for you're a jersey gal not happy with him. but a popularity at all time low. what he has to say about that. u ber is reigning in on whether or not you should tip your driver are. reminding us it is not necessary. >> amy schumer a sad day and maybe his life for special gift that made his dream come true. she's funny. cool. but u ber is a citying with these chanks will charge after two minutes --
6:32 am
minutes but two -- to get a little extra. pfnlg what i find with u ber i don't know if you do, you hit it and it says four minutes and then he's there like two minutes later. well they charge if youen play on four minutes, you know. if you watched yesterday stopple twisting and turns in u ber experience it is hard to really -- >> other o problem with u ber you never know what you're going to get. you could get a great car or you could get a beat up stinky car. just saying. same rate we have to move on. j l can you imagine what he was look, ben? >> just a little ben. ben simmoneau -- >> thinking there hasn't been much of a change . hair is pretty much -- >> the hair doesn't move clearly. [laughter] what's up?
6:33 am
outside for us here today a lot like what we had yesterday. cloudy skies. cool temps wet weather trying to flirt with us in tristate. 49 central park right now. 47 degrees in sussex. 51 for you out in newark, and 48 drag degrees in bridgeport u now a hair warm or. one degree warmer in central park. 4 in newark, and 12 warmer in generally speaking milted. but here's the deal warmer this in the afternoon answer is no. we have a cloudy sky with us in the tristate. scattered lighter showers also in bergen county in new jersey. not a big deal but some scat isered lighter showers mainly in northern tear of the tristate what we're looking at right now. but cloudy skies keep temps from going up much five to seven degrees from where we are right now. this low pressure will kick up additional showers but a quick ranted of showers through here and head into tomorrow. the rain clears the area and
6:34 am
day for you tomorrow. but today patchy lighter showers. high temp 56. 55 on sunday that's not a good looking one. gray, and cool and wet throughout your sunday into monday too. all right. i know what a drag. it is bad. but it's a nice weekend to hang out. [laughter] let's get you over to christina stoffo in for ines this morning with kind of a busy start with the verrazano truck turned over. . that's right. >> yeah, yeah we have a bunch of that going on we did have that stalled truck on brooklyn bound so that's good news at least. let's talk about this all of this good morning on in new jersey. 136 dealing with an accident that block one lane. on 22 westbound side this is where we're dealing with overturned vehicle. westbound side of the road is completely closed down. this accident also involving a downed pole. wires across the roadway.
6:35 am
through the area completely closed 206 westbound seeing an disint where roadway is closed do you so be mindful of that. doesn't matter which direction you're gong in but void that altogether. outside pill bring you to fdr and 90 really nothing too much going on the entire length of the fdr pretty much running along up to speed. that's good news now next picture is of the tappan zee bridge also in great shape right now. rock land, also looking good. keep in mind that tonight overnight into tomorrow. the tappan zee brj will have one lane blocked off for a big promote they're doing it install some poolon for the new bridge. so wii going it see lane closure tomorrow afternoon so if you travel on tap. something to keep in mind for later on this evening. as far as trains are concerned good right now. path running on or close to
6:36 am
alternate side suspended but you have to put money in the meet rs ben and juliet back to you. >> a man tried stole a young boy for sexual encounter while walking in central park. >> teresa priolo joins us live from the upper west side with this very disturbing story. teresa. good morning. >> it's incredibly scary guys we just took a walk into the park to check out beau bridge to see the area around. if you're familiar with this area it's beautiful. but very woodsy, and there's not a lot over there. where police say this aled encounter occurred a call from a witness who claims he was approached by a man in the park. he offered an 11-year-old boy per 300 dollars sexual encounter for 300 dollars. the witness said that he declined that offer and solicitation and called 9-1-1 and troubled by what he just
6:37 am
police gave us this description of the member and boy and giving us this informs and we are giving it to you in hopes that you might have is seen something and if you to you can call police with that information. according to police, this is a description of the adult exploiting the child. they say it is a white male 35 years old. dark hair, and clean shaven. he was last seen war wear black jacket with fur collar or hood on it. that boy 11 years old was wearing a light spring type jacket in color of red or orange. just before miengt so it was dark out. there weren't a lot of people in the park. park was open there. but this witness who happen it is to be from out of town, was talking to police as about 5 a.m. trying to give more information. lend any clues to them that they can use to help find this person, bring him to justice and certainly stop him before any harm is done to this child. will tonight appear to be
6:38 am
ben and juliet when we were talking around. but police tell us any surveillance video that can be taken will be as part of the investigation. so if you have information call crime stoppers, 1-800-577-tips from central park this morning back to you in the studio. >> it is disturbing thank you very much. state and federal prosecutors continue to investigate whether blasio administration broke company finance laws. >> subpoenaed in connection with those probes. mayor himself has not been served and insistses no law were broken. i've said many times we hold ourselves to highest standard of integrity everything from the beginning is legal and appropriate. >> really don't want to talk about it. snuck in in the back way. >> asked about these investigations everywhere he goes. insist his administration is cooperating facultily with the multiple investigation. after two years chase hadding
6:39 am
president and then recent months standing behind donald trump chris christie's popularity is all time low now. j remember when it was up in 60s after hurricane sandy according to a eagleton poll now standing 60% among registered voters 3 point dip. poll says voters unfavorable toward governor called them dishonest and yesterday in true fashion he dismissed poll says he did you want need 70% approval rating to do what he needs to do although it does help. >> who cares to paraphrase. talk about it too much. >> christie -- usually a good impression. [inaudible] >> okay. sorry probably get this trouble for doing that. joining us from the fox business
6:40 am
oh, iewb u ber lauren. you know how i feel about this. [laughter] >> okay. oh, lauren, u ber has got it. good morning ben. welcome back hi juliet. tgef. for clefertion in an u ber consider you do not have to tip your driver. but you should. okay what's going on? remember that landmark settlement 100 million settling with drivers in california, massachusetts, and the upshot of this is because they're contracts but not employees of the company is that in the u ber app there's no -- and there will be no option where you can include a tip. get for instance, the competitor. they let you do 15, about 25% you preset it you cannot to that in u ber with every drive to make same amount of money an they don't want drivers saying only going to go to more expensive
6:41 am
whatever their rational is keeping everything steady. but driver has the option to ask for or accept a tip. if it's cash -- ask for it shall yeah. i have tipped in cash if car is clean and very good service. going above and beyond going to the airport or something on a regular basis i don't because you point out they're contractorring getting 0% of what you pay anyway. 20% goes to u ber so getting most was money. so we're paying you know $5 for this latte now i have to give you a tip makes life more expensive. when someone helping with a stroller i always give a tip. wonderful weekend. pmpleght see you on monday. [inaudible]
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increase in users thanks to stories. review 10 billion views double last year. two billion more than recent numbers reported by facebook made public back in november. , though, facebook is never likely higher now with facebook live. >> we need to do that in the commercial. mike check hadding on the forecast for us. how's the weekend? >> so-so -- got a little this, a little that. depend what had you're looking for. cloudy skies with cool temperatures. light rain here and there. especially later on this it evening. saturday forecast not so bad. partly sunny day but sunday not so good with rain coming u through and looking at cool tempses in tristate region that's going on for a while. here's christina with a quick update on your commute situation. couple of things in new jersey and it is on garden state parkway first where wool go.
6:43 am
a crash. 22 westbound and overturned car with a downed pole so westbound side is closed in the area of route 22, where we have another accident here involving a town pole an roadway both directions are affected by this definitely an area that you want to avoid. now towardsen bound side okay just look how congested it is. no distinct just a typical volume for this time of morning. alternate suspended but you have it to feed meet rs.
6:44 am
>> hello to beth and anthony nuts, chocolate, pretzel.
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>> quarter to seven on a friday morning somebody sent a letter filled with white powder at trurp tower. four could inning a police officer were evaluated. police say substances was harmless. hillary clinton attending two fund raisesser first in manhattan second in queens. >> number eve homeless people on city streets is 12% that's according to a new survey we
6:47 am
since count taken on one night in february. >> homelessness has gone down in one night. j seems like it's everywhere. from mayor's office something amazing ham at metro richmond zoo arrival of those things. they're cheetah cubs 13 of them. zoo said that had between march -- oh, hello. between march 21st so cute now but just wait. three mother cheetah it is gave bit to 1 6 cubs but e three died so -- you know they're still a little guy -- there. very cute. in the past two and a half years 36 cubs very born at the richmond zoo. cheetahs are considered endanger but 7500 remaining in ask. so -- that's crazy. >> women who get cheated o may
6:48 am
i don't know about this. surveyed people and found women develop higher emotional intelligence first of all. okay this is -- ludicrous. but anyway they said that emotional intelligence tire helps them pick better lovers in the future. mine is a case study they had should count. >> not for a long time, i didn't learn. most women say they're better off now where as on is the is true for men after the breakup. [inaudible] >> stoffo, whatever. so there are conflicting reports this morning about future ryan fitzgerald patrick. >> would rather not play football than for jets under their contract offer.
6:49 am
dollars a season. >> not good enough if him it's half of what he wants. but "daily news" reports they're likely to work it out because the starting position somewhere. >> they off you still 8 million. >> giants are beginning all out in draft to fix their defense. have a look. >> new york giants select eli apple defenseive back. took corner back, not quarterback. >> not confused with eli manning. eli apple was tenth pick overall in first round of the draft last night. apple adds a piece to giants secondary after the defensive starters in free agency. gives giants three quarter corner backs where they use three receivers almost of 60% of the time.
6:50 am
ohio state also line backer darin lee signed with number 20 pick, and finish four in the last season. lee had 12 sacks in two season with buckeye as explosive linebacker. coach todd charactered as inside to play multiple spots on defense. ening if you guys need something to do saturday night great night to go out. go over to beg bergen art center. canvas is there. also a very good friend of mine is married to my close friend beth. a lot of my friends know beth and opening up. a sick fan. flbl >> the bergen performing arts center. >> inglewood proud of them. >> yeah. both from new jersey. strong. >> love it.
6:51 am
we have got the five borough bike tour. able marathon out in long beach. so -- i'm supposed to be writing here. supposed to be. 25 to 35,000 poem i'm signed up >> that's interesting. >> right now we've got 51 in newark. 47 in poughkeepsie. same in sussex as well as islip with a cloudy sky. thrrl scattered showers just to the north of us but it's been light and fading out recently but not necessarily done because we have an area of low pressure an pupper level low that will drift over tristate region later on this evening. quick little showers and in and out of here. don't worry about that. but rain this evening. tomorrow drier with a for thely sunny sky but sunday see that rain making a comeback 3:00 in
6:52 am
the inc. and then it may back down a little bit. here's your allergy forecast tree pollen behind the problem. uv index not so bad out there. high level but even at this time of the year is not a being deal. 56 your high today. 61 tomorrow more rain coming through on sunday into monday. a dry couple of days. another shot at showers on thursday foxive too weather app a at the live interactive radar which you can get details on your neighborhood and it's free. check it out. juliet and ben over toll you. >> thank you imraiment
6:53 am
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount. >> good morning everyone. we're still seeing closures in new jersey of route 22. westbound side overturninged vehicle a downed pole across the roadway. also 202, 206 south after route 22 also closed down because of an accident involving down pole and wires. a live look outside of the l.i. evaluate westbound side so heavy. alternate side suspended but you
6:56 am
first no, sirred documentary on the life of whitney houston gotten a green light. >> kevin mcdonald honored to make the movie. featured to access those closests to houston including clive davis it. mcdonald's wants to tell story of how brilliant she was and changed popular music. along awaited new album is dropped 20 tracks with one behind an despite a public view with kanye wetion listed as coproducer. >> i think that's a bunch of wee. amy schumer helps make her decide's dream come true. >> play sisters no, you're the love of his life. you can tell her. [laughter] >> this is so cool. two of them are talking to goldie hawn love of her dad's life.
6:57 am
instagram account and battling multiple sclerosis for months. called it a blessed visit. with two angels and then she tweeted tag love our dad. >> amy schumer seals to cool. that's it for us have a wonderful weekends everybody. >> rosanna there she is.
6:58 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above
6:59 am
we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above
7:00 am
five hello, everybody. the last friday in april. rosanna: another cloudy day. a little rain later. mostly this evening. mike woods has all the details so you can play around your weekend. donald trump was not home last night. someone said this suspicious white powder to his residence. protesters went crazy with police last night. rosanna: we had a non-threat at the fox station in baltimore. a man dressed in a panda issue


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